3 Things to Consider When Using Digital Signage At Your Event

Why use digital signage? What happens when you put a digital screen at the forefront of your event? Does it make a big difference or is it simply an expensive distraction? Research shows that digital signage makes a positive difference to engagement, information take-up, and sales.

Digital signage refers to the modern-day version of a poster. You display content as you would on a poster but you display it in a dynamic way. You can change content and channels as quickly as pressing a button and you can link up a number of screens to show the same or related content. Here’s what you should consider when installing digital signage at your event.

1. Think About the Three Components

Successful digital signage has three main components; the content management system, the media playback system, and the screen itself. The AV Company or AV Companies managing your digital signage will be able to advise you on the best solutions for all three of these components based on your budget and your technical needs. The obvious choice you have to make is about the screen, which is available in many different configurations from smartphones to interactive displays. You should also consider your CMS carefully since this will affect your ability to expertly stream content and manage your information output based on targets and demographics.

2. Consider Security

One thing you need to consider that you wouldn’t have to with regular posters is cyber security. You need to make sure that your systems are entirely secure so that you retain control over your content and won’t risk a system breakdown or a malicious attack on your screens.

3. Know That Size Matters

In most cases, digital signage is done on a large scale in order to be accessible to people who can see the signs from a distance away. Large format displays form the majority of digital signage solutions, but you do need to be sure that you are getting the correct image quality for your needs. You can often see that the image quality stalls at a certain screen size and this can be even more noticeable when you are linking screens together in a video wall. You also may not have the space for super-large screens, and in this case it is much more sensible to ensure that you have the visibility you require in the size that suits your space. Plus, smaller screens are better when you are looking for more customer engagement since a large screen can be intimidating. Check screen resolution with your supplier so that you can be sure you are making the right choice for your needs.

And lastly, know that while your hardware makes a huge difference your content is key. Design the content for your digital signage that makes the most impact and works the most effectively with your company’s aims and goals.

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