Creating Content Mania: Three Inspiring Lessons from the Beatles

Lessons from the Beatles

Content marketing is a tool used only by companies and brands to attract customers.


Many people don’t realise that this tactic transcends borders. Apart from firms offering standard products and services, content marketing also applies to other industries. Movies and music are two fine examples. Let’s look into The Beatles for example.

They found themselves on top of both industries in the 60s. These four young chaps from Liverpool took the world by storm with their chart-topping hits. They also had their share of blockbuster films, such as A Hard Day’s Night and Help!

In this digital age, it’s important to seek and apply the wisdom of those who came before us. Songs from John, Paul, George, and Ringo stirred a musical revolution. You can do the same with the content you create.

1. The “You” Approach

Fans loved the Beatles. Young girls swooned over their fancy moves. Teenage boys copied their trademark boots and contrasting suits. Old women found their boyish charm adorable. However, their music won them the hearts of millions. Forty-four tracks from their entire collection had the word “you” or “your” in the title.

You-centred music connected with the Fab 4’s fans. In the same manner, you can get more love for your blog by focusing on your target audience. The articles you publish are intended for them after all.

2. Breaking Up Isn’t Always Negative

Though the band split up after a decade, members were still successful in their own solo careers. They continued to create great music. More importantly, they were able to grow in different directions. Each found his own distinct sound and attracted different kinds of fans.

Team effort is great for creating content. The results of a project are often more creative when more heads are working on it. But sometimes working separately is necessary. A good scenario for this would be members having different opinion. Let each person do his own thing. This strategy might just help your company blog gain new followers.

3. Reuse and Syndicate

Before becoming famous in the US, the popular group already had a strong following in England. They conquered the States by releasing older records along with recent tracks. This tactic made it seem as though they were putting out hits quicker than any other band has managed to do so.

A syndication strategy helps you to spread content throughout many platforms. For this to be effective, check out the analytics on your site. The tool you’re using will allow you to gauge which channels will give your work wider and better coverage. This will also help you determine the best time to release it.

The Beatles continuously sought ways to reinvent themselves. The group’s dynamic nature helped them last long in show business. Reinvention also matters in content marketing. Keep your readers hooked by consistently delivering new and valuable blog posts.

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