Getting Your Medical Practice Noticed – 3 Ways the Web Can Help

As the medical industry grows, patients now have a much better idea of which doctors and specialists they may be best aligned with. Older and more established doctors’ offices may be able to get by fairly well with the group of patients they have been treating for years, but newer practices have quite a difficult task ahead of them. You can hire a family nurse practitioner to head your back office and pay a tidy sum to purchase the very best waiting room furniture and medical equipment, but if you are not prepared to attract a good number of new patients you will struggle for some time. If you don’t want to wait for future patients to notice your medical practice, here are a few different ways that you can take action that will get your office noticed.

Work on Your Website

Although lots of medical practices have fully operable websites, many of them are pretty much bare bones. If you are going to promote your medical practice website you’re going to need much more than a basic landing page and generic stock art. Use your website to introduce patients to both yourself and your medical staff. Include information about nurses who are enrolled in online nurse practitioner programs and provide details on when they are expected to graduate. Let your patients go on a virtual tour where they can get a feel for the setting, look at real pictures of the facilities and get information on how to connect to your medical practice. Ultimately, you need visitors to have a great impression of your medical practice and have them excited about making a visit as a result of seeing your website.

Improve Your Social Media Visibility

How many doctors do you know that have an Instagram page? Even if you don’t know any personally, when you take a look at the number of medical professionals using social media to get noticed by patients, you might be really surprised. As it turns out, social media platforms aren’t just for friends and families to maintain social connections anymore. From plastic surgeons to OB/GYN practices, it isn’t hard to find medical professionals using social media in a professional way.

Give Patients Incentives for Participating

Most children anxiously await getting through their annual physical exams just so that they can get a shiny, new sticker. Adults can be enticed similarly if you know what can make them jump for the opportunity to schedule an appointment. Creativity counts when it comes to formulating the right type of patient incentives, so be sure to ask your staff for their feedback. Giving patients a discount for digitally filling out all required forms ahead of each visit is one idea, as are raffles and contests designed to spread cancer awareness or the importance of having their cholesterol levels checked annually.

Type up your notes and creative ideas while sitting behind your computer and see if you can figure out additional ways to get more patients to become interested in your medical office. All it takes is a single bright idea to help you gain a lot of popularity very quickly. As soon as you get a few new patients to vouch for, more locals will want to schedule appointments.

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