How to Increase Your Percentage of Qualified Leads with Marketing Automation

One of the hot topics in marketing circles recently has been the evolution of inbound marketing as the primary marketing strategy adopted by many companies. Inbound marketing involves attracting your leads organically, with highly specialized and engaging content that draws them towards your company. The advancement of technology has allowed the now cohesive construction of marketing automation software, which aims to narrow your prospect base to focus on a highly qualified pool of leads.

Marketing automation software – the term may sound like some executive jargon bounced around boardroom meetings, but it works more at a much deeper level than people imagine. The word ‘automation’ may seem particularly scary, conjuring up the image of highly skilled robots working endlessly on advertising projects without so much as a human nearby. However, this simply isn’t the case. In reality, marketing automation software acts to remove the repetitive and boring tasks from your marketing team so that they can focus on the more pertinent issue at hand – selling and getting to know clients.

The goal of marketing automation software is to help increase your prospect reach as much as possible. Gone are the days where companies have to rely on billboard advertisements and word of mouth alone. The digital era has ushered in the ability to reach a larger consumer base than ever before imaginable, and companies who don’t act on this aren’t only missing out, they’re falling behind. Advertising is not cheap, and with consumer trends and mediums ever-changing it is crucial that you focus your energy in the right areas. This is where marketing automation software can help.

The benefit of inbound marketing is that relentlessly chasing sales and firing batch e-mails is a forgotten art. With the correct content strategy in place, you can attract a large pool of bees to your nectar, and then focus on making the sale.

Additionally, as leads are more pro-actively discovering your business, you can be more confident that they are interested in what you are selling. With traditional outbound marketing methods, too often the sales pitch fell on deaf ears. Through a thorough planning phase aided by effective marketing automation, you can narrow your prospect base to make sure the right information reaches the right people at the right time. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the software will do the work for you. On the contrary, it demands that you have a highly trained and experienced sales team in place to turn these leads into customers.

The number of firms reaping the benefits of inbound marketing is currently on the rise. In 2013, over 60% of companies reported incorporating some form of SEO-based marketing into their overall strategy. Utilizing marketing automation software to your company’s benefit may seem like a difficult, arduous task at present. However, you don’t have to worry about coming up to scratch with all of the technical details and software know-how.

 The majority of marketing automation software is actually contracted to a third-party who specializes in creating dynamic and engaging content to pull your prospects in. This allows you to focus all of your efforts on building a solid marketing strategy which attracts leads, completely sells them on your product and watches them turn into a pool of highly satisfied customers. 

There is no question, automation software is the future of online marketing, designed to attract prospects to you as opposed to relying on the hard sell. The software available won’t take the responsibility from your shoulders, but it will definitely make the load feel a lot lighter. The majority of your competitors have been, or will be, incorporating elements of inbound marketing into their content strategy. It is crucial, then, that you do not fall behind the pack.

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