How You Can Effectively Enhance the Conversion Rate of Your Website

If you have a site dedicated to ecommerce, then you certainly know and are aware of its potential. With a properly-designed ecommerce site, you can effectively boost your online sales and become a leading player in your niche. But if your website has more lost hits than real sales, it may be time to do something about it. This can be due to a number of reasons, and knowing these reasons can help you address the issue in an effective manner. Here’s how you can effectively enhance the conversion rate of your website.

Don’t focus on too many pop-ups

Most ecommerce websites have pop-ups, which are quite useful for promoting sales and discount offers and for asking users for information. But if you focus too much on pop-ups, you may end up losing someone who lands on your website just because the pop-ups are encroaching too much on their time (and privacy). What’s more, if you have pop-ups that cannot properly convert to mobile, your users and visitors may not even be able to get through the pop-up in order to actually visit your site. If you feel that pop-ups are necessary, make sure they are not too off-putting and will allow users to access your site, even through mobile devices. One strategic way of using pop-ups is this: show visitors your product first, and only then should a pop-up ‘pop up’ with an enticing offer.

Additionally, if you would like to gather user data, just ask for the barest minimum – whether they’re male or female, for instance, or what their email address is. It’s not really necessary to ask for someone’s birth date unless you have an offer for customers’ birth months.

Pay careful attention to the images

If your site’s purpose is to sell your products to as many consumers as possible, then you have to pay careful attention to your images. Images can play a vital role, and professional photography is key, especially if you are selling clothes and other visually-appealing products. One tip: if you are selling fashion accessories and clothing, it’s better to have images showcasing models wearing the clothes or accessories rather than simply laying them down on a flat surface or placing them on a hanger. Also, customers like seeing a number of photos of the product, so have different photographs from different angles, different lighting, and so on.

Also, if you want to finally close the sale, make your purchase process as clear as possible. If you can, have your web design specialist create a graphic which shows your entire shopping process from start to finish, including how your buyers will receive their purchases, as confirmed by experts in web design in Oxford such as Xist2.

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