The benefits of building a free website for your community group

Whether you’re a new group dedicated to maintaining a local beauty spot or a church choir who have been singing your hearts out for years, chances are you’ll have one thing in common with all the many and varied community groups across the land: The need to keep in touch with your members between meetings.

If you’ve been around for a while, you may be well used to the old approach of the group newsletter, an often time-consuming process usually involving rounding up the latest news from members, typing it up, making copies, and either distributing at your next group gathering, or going through the even more laborious task of delivering them door-to-do.

Even taking advantage of modern tools like email can still be something of a chore when it comes to gathering the email addresses of all your members, creating mailing lists and making sure the latest edition gets out on time.

Whichever method you use, let’s face it, it’s hardly perfect, especially when items that were a hot topic when you first came to compile the latest edition turn out to be well out of date by the time it finally goes out to your members.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easier way to communicate with our group? A way that didn’t consume hours of our valuable time on a monthly basis and ensured that we could ensure all the important news and events were brought to members attention when it mattered?

There is a way to achieve all of that and then some when you build a website for your community group.

Using free tools provided by some of the best website builders online, you can set up your website quickly and simply without paying a penny or worrying about any of that complicated technical stuff. There so many website builders out there so your best of using sites such as to compare the specifications of each website builder.

As easy as clicking a mouse

Indeed, if you’ve been using software such as Microsoft Publisher to put your existing newsletter together, you’ve already got all the skills you’ll ever need to build website. With platforms such as Wix or Squarespace, designing a site rarely gets more complex than dragging and dropping things around the screen and clicking a few buttons.

Free up your time

Sure, creating your new site might take some investment of time at first, but no more so than the amount you’d normally spend compiling a newsletter. What’s more, once it’s done, it’s done. When your website is published, keeping it updated takes only minutes, so there’s no need to keep spending the same long hours every month to get the word out about the next big event being held by your group.

Share the burden

When you’re the sole editor of your group’s newsletter, it’s not only a drain on your time, but also means that the latest edition may go unpublished if life’s priorities get in the way. Not so with a website, when you can easily share log in information with other members and make the whole updating process more of a group effort.

Publish news instantly

Depending on the site building tool you use, you’ll even be able to add a blog, so you can publish the latest news as it happens, meaning no item ends up being published when its too late for readers to do anything about it.

If you do still want to keep the newsletter, you may even be able to use email functions on your site to allow members to sign up themselves, and make the whole process of keeping in touch with your group members as hassle free as you could ever possibly hope for.

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